Ancestors in Training is a living and lived experience that centers sacred traditions across new technology and intergenerational healing. To join the community, look to these paths:


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What does mean to be an ancestor in training in the face of climate grief, hyperconsumption and an uncertain future? Can you be somebody's ancestor without having direct descendants? How can we live lives that our descendants and the next seven generations can be proud of? Given the state of the world, what environment will the next three generations inherit?

Ancestors in Training: Sustainable Legacies returns once more in collaboration with BreadxButta on October 5th!


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Keep an eye out for when we’ll be offering the irl INTENSIVE agaiN! the 2019 application is closed.

Thank you to everyone for being so open and interested in the deep dive of this project. We have no projected dates for running the class again for 2019 due to scheduling and care needs. However, you can stay in tune with the journey of the IRL Intensive (18+) and the Sadie Nash Leadership Project (Youth) expressions via our Instagram - @ancestorsintraining!

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